Zhejiang Yaguang Technology Co., Ltd. (short for AGT) was founded in 1996, it is a high-tech enterprise specializes in research, development, production and sales of pharmaceutical equipment for more than 20 years. AGT has developed pharmaceutical core equipment in China, such as the first rubber stopper washing machine, the first agitated nutsche filter dryer, vacuum belt dryer etc., and is at the leading position in the market.

Our products are mainly divided into three categories: washer series (including stopper & cap processing system, appliance washing machine and ampoule external surface decontaminating machine etc.), API fine drying package production line (reaction tank, crystallizer, agitated nutsche filter dryer, conical vacuum dryer and mixer, split-charging weighing system etc.), and Chinese herb equipment (concentration tank, vacuum belt dryer, crushing and packing system etc.). AGT is the exclusive drafting unit of the national industry standards for rubber stopper washing machine and agitated nutsche filter dryer and has more than 100 technical patents, and the products in numerous domestic and international pharmaceutical companies have passed the US FDA, EU cGMP, Japanese GMP verification.

AGT has a provincial research and development center with design license of D1, D2 pressure vessel and ASME.

With solid technical foundation, advanced management concepts, and excellent corporate culture, AGT keeps going forward and makes great efforts to be a first-class global professional pharmaceutical process solution service provider.

Wenzhou Yaguang Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. was founded
More than 1200 employees are working in Yaguang.
More than 200 patents has been applied.
The workshops has a footprint more than 50,000 m2.


Become a most excellent Chinese technological company for pharmaceutical process solutions

Business Concept: win-win, multi-win and all-win

Working Principle: initiative, innovation and efficiency

Employee Spirit: diligence, loyalty, pursuit

Sense of Worth

Customer-oriented, employee-oriented and innovation-oriented

Enterprise Outlook: Entrepreneurial Will and Innovative Spirit

HR Planning: Ethical and Ability

Product Quality: High Efficiency, Energy Saving and Environmental Friendly

Business Layout of Yaguang

Yaguang Group is based on pharmaceutical machinery and continues to develop. Now it has mastered the core technology in many industry fields and provides you with complete industry solutions


Pharmaceutical Industry Solutions

-  API production line

-  Cleaning and transportation of rubber plug and aluminum-cover

-  Organic solvent recovery distillation

-  MVR traditional Chinese medicine concentration

-  Closed feeding and conveying of powder

-  Watertight and dust-proof

Lithium Battery

Solutions for Lithium Battery Industry

-  Production and recovery of Nickel cobalt lithium salt

-  Post-treatment of iron carbonate/lithium carbonate powder

-  Hermetic feeding and powder conveying

Food Industry and Chemical Industry

Food and Chemical Industry Solutions

-  Closed feeding and powder conveying

-  Weighing ingredients and process formula technology

-  Evaporation and crystallization

Environment Protection

Environmental protection industry solutions

-  High salt wastewater resource treatment

-  Subcritical oxidation of high COD wastewater

Members of Yaguang Group

Hebei Leheng Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd

-  MVR steam compressor

-  Solution for MVR evaporation

-  Solutions for evaporation, cooling and freezing crystallization

Hebei Province  ·  Dachang
Supplier of MVR steam compressors and integrated system

Hebei Dalih Pharma Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd

-  Hermetic conveying and powder processing technology

-  Isolation and protection technology

-  Weighing ingredients and process formula technology

-  Germ-free processing technology

Hebei Province  ·  Shijiazhuang
Hermetic conveying and powder treatment technology

Milestone of AGT Group

Yaguang has been focusing on the R&D, production and sales of pharmaceutical machinery for more than 20 years

  • 2021The new production lines in Wenzhou were put into operation, and the IPO was submitted at the end of the year

  • Hebei Dalih Pharma Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. was established, the advanced pharmaceutical liquid and powder delivery system was delivered2020

  • 2019Zhejiang Chem-Lighter Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was established, filling the gap of the group for environmental protection equipment

  • The first sterile 6-square Nutsche Filter Dryer (all Hastelloy) was successfully developed2016

  • 2015Zhejiang Yaguang Technology Co., Ltd was established as a joint-stock company of Yaguang Machinery and Yaguang Technology

  • Production of the first full Hastelloy filter washing dryer2014

  • 2013Hebei Leheng Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd. was established, and the first MVR system was born


  • A new generation of rubber-plug aluminum-cap cleaner under GMP standard was launched in Yaguang2012

  • 2009Development and production of the first 10-square-meter industrial Nutsche Filter Dryer

  • Develop API production line; The company's sales and output value exceeded 100 million RMB2008

  • 2007Proposed the Chinese standards for rubber plug washer and filter washing dryer;

  • Develop the first rotary chassis filter washing dryer2005

  • 2002Established Sino-French joint venture Wenzhou Yaguang Technology Industry Co., Ltd

  • Developed the first set of wet rubber plug cleaner2001

  • 2001Developed the first set of Nutsche Filter Dryer

  • Developed the first spark plug cleaner1997

  • 1996Wenzhou Yaguang Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. was founded and the first spark plug cleaner in China was developed in the same year