High-efficiency Rotating Distillation Bed

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High-efficiency Rotating Distillation Bed

High-efficiency Rotating Distillation Bed

High-efficiency rotating distillation bed is a new type of high-efficiency distillation equipment, which is the substitute of traditional distillation tower. It is mainly used for the recovery of organic solvents and the separation and purification of products. It is composed of a circular shell and a baffled rotor. The rotor with a specific structure rotates at a high speed in the shell, the gas phase enters the rotor from the outer edge of the rotor, and the liquid phase enters the rotor from the center of the rotor. The gas-liquid two phases in the high-speed rotating rotor make countercurrent contact, forming a gas-liquid interface with a large specific surface area and constantly updated in the rotor, which has a very high mass transfer rate. In this process, mass transfer and heat transfer are carried out to realize the separation of components.


The whole distillation system is mainly composed of  Efficient Rotating Distillation Bed, reboiler, condenser,  solvent storage tank and other auxiliary facilities.

The raw material is pumped from vessle to the distillation bed, the gas and liquid phase make fully countercurrent contact in the high-speed rotating rotor to generate repeated partial vaporization and partial condensation, the liquid flows into the reboiler from the bottom of the bed, vapor is generated in the reboiler due to heating; the gas flows from the reboiler to the bed, where heat transfer and mass transfer with liquid occur, then flow into the condenser from the top of the bed, the gas condenses into a liquid through the condenser, some of  condensate flows into the solvent storage tank, and any condensate that is left behind return into the distillation bed.


  1. Low overall height and small size,  applicable in limited space;
  2. High separation efficiency, stable performance, low energy consumption;
  3. Low investment and maintenance cost;
  4. Easy operation, maintenance friendly, safe and reliable;

The Efficient Rotating Distillation Bed replaces the conventional gravity field with the centrifugal field (known as Higee) that is hundreds to thousands of times gravity generated by high speed rotation. Under the Higee environment, the ratio surface area of gas-liquid contact is extremely large, its excellent micro mixing and fast phase interface update, can greatly increase the gas-liquid mass transfer process rate, thus, a giant distillation tower can be turned into a bed with height that is less than two meters. The Efficient Rotating Distillation Bed is able to increase the efficiency, reducing the volume and on some occasions, energy consumption can be significantly reduced.

With low volume, high speed, less retention fluid and short holding time, the Efficient Rotating Distillation Bed is suitable for separating materials that can be decomposed at high temperature for a long time. Due to its small size, we can ignore the factors that must be considered in the construction of rectifying towers, such as wind resistence, lightning strikes, earthquakes and aerial operations, greatly improve the production safety.

For the development of the enterprise, space resources can be saved, as well as optimizing operations, reduce labor intensity, increase production safety. The Efficient Rotating Distillation Bed has been industrially applied in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, biological and other industries, is being selected by more and more users.

Main material

According to the requirements of users, material contact parts  adopt SS304, SS316L, etc.


The Efficient Rotating Distillation Bed is widely used in the recycling or separation and purification of solvents such as methanol, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, acetone, acetonitrile, tetrahydrofuran, dichloromethane, ethyl acetate, toluene and other organic solvents, has been industrially applied in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, biological and other industries

The pilot system

We can provide small pilot system to customers. The system is mainly composed of Efficient Rotating Distillation Bed, reboiler, condenser, raw material tank, finished product tank and feeding pump and etc. It is electric heating and automatic controlled. Operations are very easy, we can have final product within one hour

Higee rotating zigzag bed selection parameter table



DN 350

DN 550

DN 750

DN 850



Diameter * height























Note: The capacity of processing in the table is different depending on the composition, concentration and product requirements of the feed.

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