New generation energy-saving MVR heat pump distillation system

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MVR heat pump distillation system

MVR heat pump distillation system

Small size | Easy installation | Easy maintenance | This system is based on an Efficient Rotating Distillation Bed, utilizing centrifugal force field instead of gravity field to enhance the relative velocity and contact between phases. By enhancing mass and heat transfer, the separation efficiency is improved and the equipment volume is reduced. By introducing a Rotary Screw Steam Compressor suitable for small flow rate and high pressure ratio in the system, MVR cycle heat pump distillation can be achieved
The overall energy saving is more than 30% compared with the traditional distillation column;
Depending on the customer’s material conditions, the distillation purity can be as high as 99% or more.


Separation of components with similar boiling points; Large consumption and high price of steam and circulating water; Widely used in the recovery of organic solvents such as methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, acetone, acetonitrile, tetrahydrofuran, dichloromethane, ethyl acetate, toluene, and the separation and purification of products,

environmental protection


Independent research and developmen
With rich experience in pharmaceutical machinery research and production, Yaguang has jointly developed with its subsidiary Leheng's MVR steam recompression core technology.
Assist in
environmental protection
This system effectively solves the disadvantage of high energy consumption in traditional distillation, and has advantages such as good separation effect and obvious energy-saving advantages, helping to achieve the goal of carbon neutral.
Save over total energy consumption
save over of steam


Heat pump distillation process

Continuous compression cycle of secondary steam as a heating source

the low temperature gas at the top of the tower through the compressor without condensation, increase the temperature and pressure of the gas, increase the enthalpy value of the gas, and then serve as a heat source for the reboiler to heat the material, fully utilize the latent heat of the gas, reduce the amount of raw steam and circulating water, Reduce operating costs.

Supporting compressor:Rotary Screw Steam Compressor

Specially developed by Leheng, a subsidiary of Yaguang technology, to fill the distillation project with low flow rate and high pressure ratio


Small size, light weight, and easy maintenance


The introduction of specialized milling machines, especially grinding machines, for screw rotors has improved the machining accuracy and efficiency of these key components, effectively improving the performance of screw compressors.


The compressor adopts a modular design as a whole to facilitate disassembly and installation.

Rotary Screw Steam Compressor


Customized design

Design the heat pump distillation system according to customer needs;

Customize different types and pressure ratios of steam compressors according to different operating conditions and technical requirements in different fields and specific environments.

Skip mounted design

Flexible use · Plug and Play

The Efficient Rotating Distillation Bed system developed by Yaguang Technology adopts a complete set of prefabricated skip mounted design, and the production and assembly of the equipment are completed in the factory. The on-site installation workload is minimal, and only joint pipelines and external electrical connections need to be completed. The equipment is compact and occupies less space than traditional installation methods, making it easy to install, transport, migrate, and maintain.


Experimental machines

Provide experimental machines according to customer requirements,

and connect the system with water and electricity to conduct experiments.

Experimental machine parameters

Distillation Bed model :XZLC-750-4C

Compressor:90KW screw compressor


Dimensions:7000×3200×3200 mm


MVR heat pump distillation system experimental machines

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