Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer For Pharmaceutical Industry (ANFD)

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Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer For Pharmaceutical Industry (ANFD)

Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer For Pharmaceutical Industry (ANFD)

Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer For Pharmaceutical Industry is a professional equipment designed specifically for solid-liquid separation, pressurized filtration, and vacuum drying in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, fine chemical, and food industries. In order to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical raw materials manufacturing process, the product is designed strictly in accordance with GMP and FDA standards, with high degree of automation and good sealing performance.
complies with GMP standards
complies with FDA regulations

Application for the Nutsche Filter

  • Intermediates for pharmaceutical and sterile API
  • Biological pharmacy
  • Fine chemical industry
  • Printing and dyeing industry


  1. Feeding.
  2. Filtration: Solid-liquid separating is carried out under condition of vacuum or pressurization.

  3. Filter Cake smoothing:The agitator rotates anticlockwise to smooth the crevices of the cake surface so as to avoid short circuit of solvent meet the crack.

  4. Slurry Mixing and Washing:The cleaning solution can be sprayed on the cake surface evenly by the rotating spray ball, which can carry out inner cleaning and filter cake cleaning. By raising and lowering the agitator, the cake and the cleaning solution can be mixed so as to clean the cake adequately.

  5. Drying:In the case of vacuum, the agitator rotates clockwise to heat and scrape the cake loosely. The heating system of the equipment heats the wet filter cake to vaporize solvent, then dry the material fully.

  6. Sampling on Line:Take sample by sampling valve during drying process.

  7. Side Discharge:After drying the agitator shall rotate clockwise to scrape and propel powder out of the discharge valve nozzle automatically.

  8. CIP and SIP.

Pressure Nutsche Filter Application Range

  • The design and assembly of the equipment are carried out strictly following national GMP and US FDA requirements, and fully conforming to pharmaceutical production process requirements . The system is safe, stable and reliable.
  • The equipment materials are strictly controlled. The parts that directly contact materials are made of innoxious and anticorrosive SUS316L, PTFE or EPDM sealing materials. The filter screen is metal sintering screen made of SUS316L, which avoids producing fiber.
  • The interior surfaces of the equipment that directly contact materials are flat and smooth without dead corner for the convenience of cleaning and sterilizing.
  • The equipment does not pollute the external environment, and the measures of dust prevention, leakage prevention, heat insulation and noise prevention are properly adopted. Under the fully closed working status, the motor, speed reducer and lifting device are protected by stainless steel outer covers and the jacket reflow channel is plus with heat preservation carpet for used heat insulation so as to greatly reduce heat loss and influence from the outside.
  • Safe and reliable explosion-proof electrical appliances are adopted. The pulleys that can eliminate static electricity and other safe interlocks and safety devices are allocated.
  • All the pipes of materials, solvents and nitrogen gas are designed to have no dead corner and blind pipe. The equipment surfaces are subjected to mechanical automatic fine polishing or electrolytic polishing with the interior surface Ra≤0.4 and the exterior surface Ra≤0.8.
  • The blending shaft and lateral discharging valve stem are installed with metal bellows.
  • The removable rotary cleaning spray ball is used for CIP.
  • Dry-process double-face mechanical seal, nitrogen protection and cooling, detect leakage on-line.
  • Dust capture device with CIP function, the rotating joint can detect leakage on-line.

Basic Parameters

Model Filtering Area(㎡) Inside Diameter(mm) Nominal Volume(m³) Filter Cake Height(mm) Blade Lifting Height(mm) Motor Power(kw) Net Weight(kg) Total Height(mm)
DN325 0.08 325 0.04 100 120 0.37 600 2050
DN400 0.125 400 0.07 120 150 0.55 860 2550
DN500 0.19 500 0.15 140 160 2.2 1500 3000
DN600 0.28 600 0.22 180 200 2.2 1700 3300
DN650 0.3 650 0.28 180 200 2.2 1850 3400
DN800 0.5 800 0.46 200 220 3 2250 3500
DN1000 0.8 1000 0.95 220 250 5.5 3500 3800
DN1200 1 1200 1.2 250 300 7.5 4900 4000
DN1400 1.5 1400 1.9 300 350 11 6500 4500
DN1600 2 1600 2.59 300 350 15 7500 4500
DN1800 2.5 1800 3.2 350 400 15 10000 4700
DN2000 3 2000 4.5 400 450 18.5 11700 5100
DN2300 4 2300 6.4 400 450 22 12800 5200
DN2600 5.3 2600 9 400 450 22 16500 5200

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