Sterile Movable Iaminar Flow Car Transfer System for Stopper & Cap Processing

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Sterile movable laminar flow car transfer system for rubber stopper or aluminum cap

Sterile Movable Iaminar Flow Car Transfer System for Stopper & Cap Processing

When working, place the material bucket in the isolation cabinet at the discharge end of the rubber plug, open the anti-pinch butterfly valve, and then start the discharging procedure to start discharging. After filling, close the anti-pinch butterfly valve, transfer the transfer bucket to the laminar flow car, use the laminar flow car to transport the loaded material to the filling machine and dock with it, open the laminar flow car and the side door of the filling line, lift the material bucket to be flush with the filling line receiving platform, and then transfer the material bucket to the oRABs for the next process.

System feature

  • The whole transfer process always under the sterile clean A grade protection condition, avoid exposure pollution
  • Isolation cabinet link to laminar flow car without any crack, avoid ambient pollution.
  • Roller of the laminar flow car can be lifted, reduced personnel operation when linking to the filling line.

System components

  • Isolation cabinet
  • Transfer barrel
  • Pinch-prevent butterfly valve
  • Movable laminar flow car

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