Cylindrical And Conical Type Filtering Washing Drying Machine

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Cylindrical And Conical Type Filtering Washing Drying Machine

Cylindrical And Conical Type Filtering Washing Drying Machine

Cylindrical And Conical Type Filtering Washing Drying Machine is mainly used for continuous processes such as material filtration, washing, and drying, it is widely used in fields such as pharmaceuticals, food, pesticides, and chemical.





Automatic or manual feeding


Solid-liquid separation is achieved under vacuum or pressurized conditions.


Spray balls are installed inside the container, which can evenly spray the cleaning liquid into the container. After adding a certain amount of cleaning liquid, the agitator will rotate clockwise wash the material. After washing, the material can undergo repeated processes such as pressure filtration and washing, and the specific number of times depends on the process.


Inject heat medium into the cylinder jacket, cone jacket, and agitator to continuously heat the filter cake inside the tank. At this time, the agitator rotates clockwise at low speed, causing multi-dimensional movement of the material inside the tank. Through all-round irregular reciprocating movement, efficient heat exchange of materials can be achieved, while a hot gas source can be introduced into the tank to improve drying efficiency.


After drying, the material inside the container can be discharged from the bottom outlet by opening the bottom discharge valve.

Cylinderical and conical structure design

Large filtration area | Large equipment capacity | Split structure

Special discharge valve

Special discharge valves are used to avoid incomplete solid-liquid separation.

Agitator Design

Various agitators can be provided for customers to choose from.

The agitator can be heated to accelerate drying efficiency.



Multifunctional integrated operation
processes such as filtering, washing, drying can be completed in the same equipment, with continuous operation throughout the entire process and automatic discharge.


Large filtration area
the filtration area is larger than same type of equipment with the same specification and diameter.


Large equipment capacity
the capacity is larger than same type of equipment specification and diameter.


Split structure
The filter screen is detachable and can be cleaned and maintained regularly.


A special filtering structure
can improve the filtering speed and prevent the occurrence of filter cake cracking.


Multiple filtering methods can be selected.


The tank adopts a special design to increase the washing effect.


Hot gas source can be introduced into the equipment to achieve back blowing function and improve drying efficiency.

Automation andcomputerized system

The control system is composed of an industrial grade touch tablet computer (IPC) and a programmable logic controller (PLC), which can easily achieve full automatic control. The screen display is friendly, and the monitoring interface, operation interface, formula interface, and other interfaces are distributed reasonably. The enterprise simplifies the process of batch production during use. Fully functional user permission management, access permission settings, etc., ensuring the security of user use. Key records such as electronic signatures and audit trails, formula management, batch reports, data backup, and other functions are provided to meet the integrity of data saved by enterprises during use.


According to the GAMP guidelines, in order to ensure that the computerized system meets the intended use and existing regulations, our company can independently conduct computer system verification to meet the verification needs of enterprises.

Main functions of control system

User permission management

Access permission settings

Electronic signatures

Audit trails

Formula management

Batch reports

Data backup

Online monitoring

Model Filter basket inner dia (mm) Filtering Area(m²) Total Volume(m³) a(mm) b(mm) Motor Power(kw) Net Weignt(T)
CFD550 550 0.4 0.135 750 1850 Depending on the customer’s material conditions, options are available in the range of 3-55KW. 0.7
CFD700 700 0.7 0.32 1100 2500 1
CFD1000 1000 1.4 0.87 1280 2850 2.3
CFD1200 1200 2.1 1.5 1630 3500 2.7
CFD1400 1400 3 2.5 1850 4150 3.5
CFD1600 1600 3.8 3 1900 4200 4.3
CFD1800 1800 4.8 5 2300 4800 5.7
CFD2000 2000 6.1 6.2 2500 5800 8.4
CFD2200 2200 7.3 8.5 2700 6300 10
CFD2400 2400 8.8 10.8 3000 6800 13.6
CFD2600 2600 10.2 14 3200 7200 17
Note:It can be designed and manufactured according to the special requirements of users.

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