Sterile Overall Isolated Transfer System for Stopper & Cap Processing

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Sterile overall isolated transfer system for rubber stopper or aluminum cap

Sterile Overall Isolated Transfer System for Stopper & Cap Processing

Active oRABs, transfer tracks and transfer hoppers are used to transfer rubber plugs. Under the protection of oRABs, the motor drives the synchronous belt to pull the transfer trolley to complete the transfer of hopper materials. Before discharging, the transfer hopper will travel to the discharging port and automatically stop, and the washing machine discharging program will be started to discharge the material to the bucket. After completion, the motor rotates in reverse direction and pulls the hopper to the buffer hopper of the filling line. Open the bucket door for automatic unloading. After unloading, proceed to the next batch of cycles.

System features

System requirements: Cleaner, filling machine and capping machine produce one to one. Discharging nozzle, filling and capping machine are all in the same line.

  • Discharging from the cleaner to !he filling line is always under A grade protection. Avoid exposure pollution.
  • Whole transmission process is automatic, reduce personnel interference.
  • Photoelectric switches control
  • Lift feeding speed is adjustable

System components

  • Isolation cabinet
  • Transfer hopper(automatic or manual discharging)
  • Transfer car
  • Drive device

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