Conical Vacuum Dryer and Mixer

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Conical Vacuum Dryer and Mixer

Conical Vacuum Dryer and Mixer

The Conical Vacuum Dryer and Mixer is an equipment used for rapid drying and mixing of sterile raw materials. It adopts an advanced conical spiral belt structure, with a filling rate of over 70%. Added a pulse mixing device to make the materials mix more quickly and evenly ​; Adding heating function to the screw belt stirring greatly improves the drying efficiency. Efficient, energy-saving, and safe, more suitable for the requirements of drug production.
Filling rate up to 70%
complies with GMP standards
complies with FDA regulations


Conical Vacuum Dryer and Mixer is a new generation product developed by AGT for rapid drying and mixing in sterile APIs. The new product adopts impulse mixing device, which makes mixing having higher speed and more uniformity; the heating function on the spiral belt mixer can achieve higher drying efficiency. High efficient, energy saving, safety, meets higher requirement of pharmaceutical production.


Powder mixing and drying on pharmaceuticals, biological products, fine chemicals and food industry.


Main components:

  • Conical tank
  • Transmission device
  • Double spiral belt mixer
  • Pulse mixing device
  • Sampling and discharging device
  • Electronic control system
  • CIP and SIP.

Working principle

After feeding, the double spiral belt mixer revolves driven by motor and speed reducer. It makes the material revolve along with conical tank surface, lifting from the bottom up. When the material reaches zenith, inner material flows to the vortex center and back to the bottom due to gravity, and make the material mixing automatically. Meanwhile, the material can be heated in conical tank. During the all-directions irregular reciprocating motion process, heat exchange can be done between material and spiral belt and tank surface, and can achieve fast mixing and drying under vacuum condition.

Structure characters

  • Fully closed sterile structure of tank, with concise and no dead corner of inner structure, it is especially well with mixing and drying of material of flammable and combustible, toxic or highly toxic, pollution not allowed or sterile required food, biological products, pharmaceuticals.
  • Advanced conical spiral belt mixer structure, high filling ratio of more than 70%, can save occupied area and cost.
  • Conical tank, smooth discharge without residue.
  • High automation, greatly reduce labor intensity and save labor costs.
  • Tank, cover and agitator can be heated, large heating area and high heating efficiency, greatly save the working time.
  • Adopting double pivot location structure of spiral belt design, smaller radial swing parameter, smaller safety space between spiral belt and tank surface, and the damage to mechanical seal can also be reduced.
  • Sampling valve with special design can be completed in closed vacuum.
  • Discharging valve with nitrogen purging, adopts gas floating seal structure, concise and no dead corner, completely conforms to the clean production requirements of GMP and FDA. 

Process flow

  • Vacuum feeding
  • Drying and mixing
  • Sampling
  • Automatic discharging

Conical Dryer

Model Full volume(L) Total volume(L) Specification EarCenter*Total height of equipment
GHF-100-700 200 100 DN700 φ1000*2200
GHF-150-750 240 150 DN800 φ1050*2300
GHF-200-850 340 200 DN850 φ1170*2400
GHF-300-950 460 300 DN950 φ1270*2550
GHF-500-1150 800 500 DN1150 φ1550*3000
GHF-1000-1450 1500 1000 DN1450 φ1850*3450
GHF-1500-1650 2250 1500 DN1650 φ2050*3750
GHF-2000-1800 2850 2000 DN1800 φ2175*4100
GHF-2500-2000 3900 2500 DN1800 φ2375*4350
GHF-3000-2100 4500 3000 DN2100 φ2475*4500
Note: It can be designed and manufactured according to the special requirements of users.

Conical Mixing Dryer Specification

Model Full volume(L) Total volume(L) Specification EarCenter*Total height of equipment
HF-100-700 200 100 DN700 φ1000*2200
HF-150-750 240 150 DN800 φ1050*2300
HF-200-850 340 200 DN850 φ1170*2400
HF-300-950 460 300 DN950 φ1270*2550
HF-500-1150 800 500 DN1150 φ1550*3000
HF-1000-1450 1500 1000 DN1450 φ1850*3450
HF-1500-1650 2250 1500 DN1650 φ2050*3750
HF-2000-1800 2850 2000 DN1800 φ2175*4100
HF-2500-2000 3900 2500 DN1800 φ2375*4350
HF-3000-2100 4500 3000 DN2100 φ2475*4500
Note: It can be designed and manufactured according to the special requirements of users.
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