KJ Stopper & Cap Processing System

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KJ series rubber stopper/aluminum cap washing machine

KJ Stopper & Cap Processing System

The KJ series rubber stopper washing machine is a specialized equipment used for cleaning, silicification, sterilization, drying, and cooling various medical rubber stopper s and aluminum caps. It can effectively avoid contamination caused by external contact during the discharge of rubber stoppers, and the discharge system can perform CIP and SIP; Multiple docking methods can be used to achieve sealed transportation of rubber stopper s, ensuring the safety of drug production.
JB/T China National Industry Standard Drafting Enterprise
In 1996, the first domestic rubber stopper (aluminum cap) washing machine was developed and produced

Automatic closed discharging device

  • Commonly known as "elephant nose discharging device", can effectively avoid outer environmental pollution when discharging;
  • CIP & SIP;
  • Rubber stopper can be transferred in the confined environment with various docking systems.

Central spray and surround 360°spraying technology

  • Central spray is by using high pressure water to spray rubber stopper closely, which is the most effective way to wash pyrogen.
  • Surround 360° spraying technology is applied to equipment self-cleaning. Spray tube rotates along with inner vessel, the spray nozzles spreading on the tube spray and clean barrel and inner vessel to achieve the real no dead corner CIP technology.

Back-Door pullout structure

  1. Rotating barrel and back-cover totally pull out technology (pioneer in China, technology), more meet FDA and EU standard.
  2. Thoroughly solve the problem of jacket repair and washing which troubles drug factory for many years. Effectively avoid the pollution to sterile area when repairing.
  3. The maintenance work of movement for the rear cap can be processed in the cleaning area of D level (ISO 8 level) .avoiding from the pollution of the C level cleaning area (ISO 7 level) or the B level cleaning area (ISO 5 level).
  4. The construction will be more reasonable and simplification.it is conforming to the cleaning standard and creating the new ideas of cGMP Standard.

Electrical control fully meet processing parameters historical record requirements

Control system consists of industrial touch panel PC (Panel PC) + Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). It's easy to control full automatically. Operating parameters can adjust in dialog box and process can display dynamically. The alarm system can provide alarm information and carry out parts interlock to prevent wrong operation.

Control software use FDA-approved Italian Movicln system. It can carry out rights management, automatic detection of chamber leakage and automatic calibration of temperature and pressure. It can joint to corporate network and easy to improve management and monitoring for equipment and production.

Type and Function

Type Applicable Products Main Functions
KJCS Ultrasonic Rubber Stopper Washing Machine Powder Injection Rubber Stoppers,Lyophilization Rubber Stoppers,Water Injection Antibiotic Bottle Rubber Stoppers, Large Infusion Rubber Stoppers Automatic Feeding, Cleaning, Sampling.Siliconizing, Sterilizing, Drying, Cooling,Automatic Discharging, CIP, SIP. and Whole Process Automatically Computer Controlled.
KJQS Air Impact Rubber Stopper Washing Machine
KJSL Aluminum Cap Washing Machine Medical Aluminum Caps, Aluminum-plastic Compound Caps, Needle Tube Rubber Stoppers and Injection Pistons Manual Feeding. Cleaning, Sampling,Sterilizing, Drying, Cooling, Automatic Discharging, CIP, SIP, and Whole Process Automatically Computer Controlled.

Technical Parameters of KJ series

Model Output (piece) Water Tank Volume(L) Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm) Weight(kg)
KJ-1 10000 330 2000 1650 2000 1800
KJ-2 20000 620 2200 1650 2200 2200
KJ-4 40000 760 2450 1650 2200 2500
KJ-6 60000 1130 3300 1650 2200 2700
KJ-8 80000 1380 2500 1900 2300 3000
KJ-10 100000 1630 2850 1900 2300 3200
KJ-12 120000 1930 3350 1900 2300 3400
KJ-15 150000 2280 2980 2250 2500 4000
KJ-18 180000 2630 3350 2250 2500 4800
KJ-20 200000 2940 3700 2250 2500 5000
KJ-22 220000 3350 3650 2400 2600 5200
KJ-24 240000 3450 3750 2400 2600 5300
KJ-26 260000 3650 3950 2400 2600 5500

Note: Production capacity of rubber stoppers calculates by the powder injection antibiotic bottle of Φ 19.5 x 8.7. Production capacity of aluminum caps calculates by the size of Φ20.4 x 7.4

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