LQSF Flip-Vertical Stopper & Cap Processing System

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LQSF Flip-Vertical Stopper & Cap Processing System

LQSF Flip type vertical rubber stopper washing machine (aluminum cap) washing machine is mainly used as a specialized equipment for the cleaning, sterilization, drying, cooling, and sterile sealed storage and transportation processes of small and medium-sized rubber stoppers (aluminum caps) in pharmaceutical factories. It has a dual rotary joint coaxial structure to reduce leakage risk and extend service life. The C-level zone can meet the requirements for the full use of the transfer tank. The one-stop multi tank production method is more flexible and convenient. It can be paired with a robotic arm or a hoist for transportation and docking with the filling line.
complies with GMP standards
transferred aseptically in the C-level area

LQSF Flip type vertical rubber stopper washing machine (aluminum cap washing machine)

  • LQSFD Flipped Single Working Position Vertical Cleaning Machine System
  • LQSFS Flipped Double Working Position Vertical Cleaning Machine System

Applicable products

  • Serum Stoppers, Lyophilization Stoppers, Penicillin stoppers, Infusion stoppers.
  • Medicinal aluminum cover, aluminum plastic composite cover.

Working principle

  1. Feeding:Manual feeding.
  2. Tank docking and positioning:Manually connect and expand the tank body with the arm of the cleaning station system for positioning.
  3. Cleaning:A combination of tank flipping and air impact mixed cleaning is used. After the cleaning water is injected to the set liquid level, clean compressed air is introduced from the bottom of the tank to perform strong air impact mixed cleaning on the material.
  4. Sterilization:Saturated steam sterilization. During sterilization, saturated steam enters the tank through the tank sterilization valve and evenly sprays pure steam into the tank. By flipping the tank, the materials inside the tank are evenly heated, resulting in good sterilization effect.
  5. Vacuum drying or hot air drying:The vacuum system evaporates the moisture of the material by suction of damp and hot steam inside the tank, and uses hot air to blow and heat the material to meet the drying requirements.
  6. Cooling:Carried out by blowing clean compressed air and vacuum for cooling.
  7. Discharging:A lifting machine is used to dock the equipment body with the sterile valve of the filling line for discharging.

Main technical features

Soft and efficient cleaning

  • The materials are directly loaded into the equipment body and cleaned using a combination of tank arm flipping and air water impact to avoid the risk of friction damage to the materials caused by internal mechanical structures.
  • The sterilization filter can achieve SIP and online integrity testing, making the equipment performance safer and more reliable.

Reversible tank

High airtightness complies to GMP requirements

  • The tank body and cleaning station are statically sealed with upper and lower inflation to avoid leakage risks.
  • Install anti backflow filling devices at the drainage outlet to avoid pollution risks caused by water backflow.
  • The docking and transportation of sterile valves achieve the complete sealing of materials from cleaning to discharge, avoiding the risk of cross contamination and more in line with GMP requirements. In the C-level area, sterile transfer of materials can be achieved, with reduced requirements for room cleanliness, convenient operation, and energy conservation and emission reduction.

Sterile valve

Safe and reliable Reversible mechanism

  • Equipment arm flipping: It adopts a combination of electromagnetic brake motor and two-stage worm gear reducer to quickly self-lock and locate.
  • Double rotary joint: The upper and lower main pipes adopt a double rotary joint design, avoiding the use of metal hoses swaying during the flipping process, reducing the risk of leakage, and increasing the overall aesthetics of the pipeline.

Flipping component design

Special mechanical tensioning arm promises a stable locking device for tank

  • The tank body and cleaning station are locked by a dedicated mechanical tensioning arm structure to ensure that the position of the tank remains unchanged during operation and ensure equipment safety.

Tank locking component

Flexible production method

  • Single or double working position cleaning station systems can handle materials simultaneously or independently, meeting different production needs of customers. Materials can be fed manually or through sterile valves to meet various customer needs.
  • It can be equipped with multiple tank bodies, and can be quickly locked and docked with a transfer cart. It can also achieve material storage and transfer functions, and the corresponding number of tank bodies can be selected according to different production needs at different times.
  • Materials can be cleaned and transported in separate tanks at the same cleaning station, with multiple uses at one station, saving the layout of factory space.

Automation and computerized system

  • The control system is composed of an industrial grade touch tablet computer (IPC) and a programmable logic controller (PLC), which can easily achieve full automatic control. The screen display is friendly, and the monitoring interface, operation interface, formula interface, and other interfaces are distributed reasonably. The enterprise simplifies the process of batch production during use. Fully functional user permission management, access permission settings, etc., ensuring the security of user use. Key records such as electronic signatures and audit trails, formula management, batch reports, data backup, and other functions are provided to meet the integrity of data saved by enterprises during use.
  • According to the GAMP guidelines, in order to ensure that the computerized system meets the intended use and existing regulations, our company can independently conduct computer system verification to meet the verification needs of enterprises.

Main functions of control system

User permission

Access permission


Audit trails


Batch reports

Data backup


Model Output(Pcs) Effective volume(L) L(mm) W(mm) H(mm) Net weight(kg)
LQSFD-4 40000 200 2900 2100 2300 3000
LQSFD-6 60000 280 2900 2100 2400 3200
LQSFD-8 80000 350 2900 2100 2500 3400
LQSFD-12 120000 560 2900 3800 2400 4400
LQSFD-16 160000 700 2900 3800 2500 4500
Note: Production capacity of rubber stoppers calculates by the powder injection antibiotic bottle ofΦ19 x 8.5, the filing rate betweenΦ20 composite aluminum cap andΦ19 powder injection rubber stopper is about 1.5 1.7:1.

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