Crystallization Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer(ANFD)

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Crystallization agitated nutsche filter dryer

Crystallization Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer(ANFD)

Crystallization Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer is suitable for the pharmaceutical or intermediate raw material pharmaceutical industry, and can also be used in the small-scale and pilot processes of fine chemical products, especially in the process of flammable, explosive, and harmful solvents. The equipment and materials complete all processes such as crystallization, filtration, washing, vacuum, drying, and automatic discharge in the same tank, with characteristics such as complete discharge, high yield, energy conservation and environmental protection, and reduced labor intensity.
complies with GMP standards
complies with FDA regulations


This device is suitable for pharmaceutical or intermediate API industry which meets the GMP requirement.It can also be used for small and middle level test processes of fine chemical products, especially for flammable, explosive, hazardous solvent process.

Product Overview

  • This equipment can accomplish the crystallization, filtering, washing, vacuum drying, automatic discharging, and other processes of material in the same tank, the whole process don't need to transfer operation.
  • Its fulty meet national new version of GMP and U.S. FDA requirements.
  • which with features of thoroughly discharging, energy saving and reduce labor intensity and So on.


  • Crystal:Feed heating or cooling medium into jacket in terms of the process requirements SO as to control the crystallization temperature of the material during crystallization. Meanwhile, keeping the uniformity of crystal liquid is via the screw ribbon agitating and the tank swing speed.

  • Filtering:After the crystallization, reverse the cylinder for pressure filtration of material or negative Pressure vacuum leaching.

  • Washing:Spray the washing liquid evenly to the inner tank via CIP device; it will be completely washing the material and inner tank of the equipment.

  • Drying:Reverse the cylinder back into normal position after filtration. After that, in order to dry material with vacuum drying, which need to plug the heat source(that usually the temperature control conduction oil)and meanwhile rotate the tank in a 360℃ way.

  • Discharging:Open the upper-discharging valve and the vibrator in the same time after drying process, which Will be good for the drying material to proceed the vibration discharging.

Basic parameters

Model Filtering Area(㎡) Inside Diameter(mm) Volume(L) Filter Cake Height(mm) Motor Power(kw) Net Weight(kg) Installation Dimensions(mm)
YG600 0.28 600 160 80 4 1200 2300*2200*2300
YG800 0.5 800 260 100 5.5 1800 2600*2400*2600

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