On November 6th solstice 8th, the 54th 2017(Autumn) China International Machinery Exposition is host in Changsha, Hunan. Host by China Association for Pharmaceutical Equipment, undertaken by Beijing Jingboxin Exhibition Co., Ltd, this exposition is the largest professional exhibition in Changsha exhibition Center this year, more than 1,000 exhibitors, displaying including pharmaceutical machine, packaging equipment, API equipment, medicine testing equipment, crushing

  equipment and so on, nearly 8 types and more than 10,000 machines. AGT take this chance to show new invention and creation, and received unanimous praise

  During the exposition, not just old customers, but also potential customers come and make inquiries constantly, we explain questions one by one with our pleasure. Thanks to the supports from our old and new customers, our exhibition goes smoothly and come to successful close. AGT will keep with full of spirit and more mature technology.