On May 20th, 2024, the 64th National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo and the China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo (Spring 2024) were grandly opened at Qingdao World Expo Centre.

Many visitors in the pharmaceutical industry gathered in Qingdao again to jointly explore the path of industrial upgrading and development. Yaguang Co., Ltd., together with Leheng Energy Saving, DLH pharma, and Jinglijie, who taking many products and technologies to booth CE-10 and welcome everyone.


Highlight 1: Pioneers and Promoters of Heat Recovery solution supplier

Yaguang's API production line equipments, rubber stopper cleaning and transfer equipments, distillation beds and other products and equipment have been widely recognized in the field of pharmaceutical equipment,after more than 20 years of intensive cultivation.

Under the current severe economic environment and the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, Yaguang and its subsidiary Leheng Energy saving, as pioneers and promoters in the field of heat recovery, continuously provide impetus for the transformation of energy-refined management of pharmaceutical companies, and we have successfully created solutions such as energy-saving transformation of distillation column heat pumps, steam pipeline pressurization, and steam heat recovery.

We can also provide highly personalized solutions based on the specific needs from customers. Up to now, many energy-saving projects have been successfully implemented, bringing considerable economic benefits to our group.


Highlight 2: Cylindrical and Conical Type Filtering Washing Drying Machine

Yaguang Co., Ltd. is the draftr of the national industry standard for filter-washing and drying machines. Since 2001, successfully developed the first sterile API filter-washing and drying equipment, We have formed a rich product line of two series with nearly 40 specifications. The cylindrical-conical filter-washing and drying machine is the latest member of the Yaguang's Integration matrix. Through structural optimization design, efficiency has been comprehensively improved. Compared with the flat-plate Filter washing dryer, filtration area has increased by 78-103%, and adopted multi-layer drainage design with a faster drainage speed; and innovative split-type structural design.

At the same time, hydraulic, motor, lifting car, or hoisting and other methods to disassemble and assemble the tank is optional. In addition, the equipment is equipped with a special discharge valve, which significantly reduces the residue and less manual intervention, thereby, this could effectively avoid incomplete solid-liquid separation, more efficient and convenient. Under the same filtration area and cleaning and drying effect, the Cylindrical and Conical Type Filtering Washing Drying Machine has shown significant cost advantages, effectively reducing the customer's equipment investment cost.

 Cylindrical And Conical Type Filtering Washing Drying Machine


Highlight 3: Mini Technical Exchange meeting

Promote the industry's transformation to low-carbon, efficient and intelligent production through technological innovation

For a long time, Yaguang Co., Ltd. has attached great importance to communication and exchanges ideas with customers. At this exhibition, technical personnel from Yaguang Co., Ltd. and other four companies in AGT group went to the exhibition site together and held an unconventional technical exchange meeting to bring the latest products, solutions and cases sharing.

Through in-depth and face-to-face communication with audiences, we understood more customer needs, responded to technical inquiries, and discussed with them from multiple angles about the future of the pharmaceutical machinery industry and the latest technological applications, providing more efficient and low-carbon construction ideas for pharmaceutical production.

Yaguang Co., Ltd. has a 28-year history of development since its establishment, and has profoundly witnessed the tremendous progress and vigorous development of the pharmaceutical machinery industry. Looking to the future, Yaguang Co., Ltd. will unswervingly cultivate the pharmaceutical equipment industry, continue to pursue innovation and development, and strive to provide customers with more high-quality products and solutions, help create new quality productivity in the new era, and contribute Yaguang's strength to the high-quality development of the industry.