The 16th International Battery Exhibition (CIBF 2024) was successfully held in Chongqing. Many domestic and foreign lithium battery upstream and downstream industry partners gathered together to exchange cutting-edge trends in industry development, share the latest technological achievements and application cases, and jointly explore the future of the industry in this three days’ event. Zhejiang Yaguang Co., Ltd., together with Leheng Energy Saving, Daliheng Powder and Huayi Engineering, bring their positive and negative electrode material pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy, and powder process engineering solutions at this exhibition.

Zhejiang Yaguang Co., Ltd. has accumulated decades of experience in the high-end powder pharmaceutical equipment industry and has become a leading enterprise in China domestic subdivision field. Combining its subsidiary Leheng Energy Saving with the MVR technology and the Daliheng powder solid processing technology has launched an innovative crystallization + powder full-process process solution in the lithium battery industry.

Taking the solid-liquid separation process of lithium carbonate as an example, the traditional lithium carbonate precipitation powder processing process is centrifugal or filter pressing dehydration, and then enters the drying system after washing in a washing kettle. Zhejiang Yaguang Co., Ltd. has integrated its superior technical resources and optimized the lithium carbonate powder processing process with our Agitated Nutsche Filter Drying machine as the core equipment, reducing costs and increasing efficiency for the lithium carbonate industry and improving product quality.


In addition, Yaguang also shared one other core technology products and innovative solutions for lithium battery positive and negative electrode materials. For example, the heat pump distillation technology jointly launched by Yaguang and Leheng, which effectively solved the high energy consumption shortcomings of traditional distillation systems; the heat recovery and steam energy-saving solutions from Leheng together with the powder and solid comprehensive processing solutions from Daliheng attracted a large number of attention and interests, and also we have reached many cooperation intentions with visitors in this event


In the future, Zhejiang Yaguang Co., Ltd. will continue to actively leverage its technological leadership, increase investment in product research and development and application services, and provide services to the global lithium battery market with higher-quality and more efficient new energy solutions. Starting from "new" and moving towards "green", it will actively contribute to building a green, low-carbon and sustainable energy system, and jointly move towards a greener and more harmonious future.