On March 4th, AGT held the 2024 Kickoff mobilization and employee commendation meeting at the conference center of the new factory. AGT Group Chairman Mr.Chen Guohua, Deputy General Manager Mr.Ye Jun, CFO Mr.Luo Zongju, Procurement Director Zhou Chengyu, and Human Resources and Administration Director Mr.Liu Yutang, as well as all top managements. They gathered to review the performance of the year 2023, and welcome 2024, draw a blueprint for the work of the new year, and strive for the goals of the new year.



Commending advanced groups and individuals and set examples

During the year of 2023, the AGT Group continue to build upon the past and move forward steadily. In order to motivate all to continue their efforts, this commendation conference has established the "Excellent Employee Award", "Excellent Guidance Teacher Award", and "Quality Model Award". Honorary certificates will be awarded to those employees who have performed outstandingly in their work, thanking and commending them for their outstanding contributions in their respective positions. At the same time, corresponding awards will also be awarded to employees who stood out in the "2024 Welding Skills Competition".

This meeting also specially awarded the "Ten Year Employee" award to recognize those veteran employees who have been steadfast in their positions for a long time and have made significant contributions to the development of AGT. This measure is not only a recognition of everyone's hard work, but also motivates all employees to focus on their duties, work together, and write a new chapter for AGT Group in 2024.



Concentrate joint efforts and start a new chapter

“There is no shortcut to success, only through repeated trials can steel be made. 2024 is a year of both challenges and opportunities. We must have a more full and uplifted fighting spirit, continue to work hard, and devote ourselves wholeheartedly to the work, starting well to achieve the annual goals.” Mr.Chen Guohua, Chairman of AGT Group, with firm and powerful words, encouraged members of AGT to unite and move forward bravely, boosting their spirit and continuing their struggle. 

Also, Mr.Chen Guohua pointed out that in the coming year 2024, we must demonstrate the determination and courage to fight a protracted war, go all out to do a good job in company management, and enhance the internal value of the company. He expressed sincere recognition and deep gratitude to the employees who are based on their job and dedicated to their work. At the same time, he also put forward more expectations and requirements in production, quality, technology, marketing, and talent cultivation. The chairman's with good wishes to everyone, , making all the members of AGT full of confidence and enthusiasm.



Building a safe foundation to ensure sustainable development

Development and safety are two wheels of a car, as two wings of a bird, complementary and indispensable. At the conference, AGT held the "First Class of Construction" to provide safety production training to all employees, and gave in-depth explanations to attendees on the company's safety management system, accident case analysis, operation safety, accident summary, and prevention and handling, further enhancing employees' awareness of safety prevention, mobilizing everyone to boost their "spirit" and ensure "safety". Actively invest in safety production with a full spirit, ensure that all operations are standardized and orderly, effectively prevent the occurrence of various safety accidents, and build a solid safety defense line for the stable development of AGT Group.

The inspiring mobilization and commendation meeting with the rumbling drums not only fully gathered the team strength of Yaguang Co., Ltd., but also inspired every employee to work hard and further clarified their job responsibilities and mission. Under the wise guidance of Chairman Mr. Chen Guohua, we firmly believe that all employees of Yaguang Co., Ltd. will set off with a new attitude and full of enthusiasm for a more glorious future!