On January 16th, the 2024 welding skills competition of AGT Group kicked off in the production workshop of AGT's new factory area. Welding flowers are flying and arc light is shining. This competition is not only a showoff of skill level by workshop employees, but also a stage for welders to exchange experiences, skills, and showcase their talents.

The competition lasted for five days and more than 120 welders participated. The competition included practical skills such as argon arc welding, electric welding, and CO2 shielded welding, as well as theoretical knowledge of welding processes and drawing recognition.


Pre-test instructions


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As the saying goes, one minute on stage is ten years of hard work off stage. During the theoretical assessment, players show their professional knowledge, calmly respond and confidently answer questions; at the practical competition site, there was a roaring sound of welding machines, dazzling flames, and a fierce competition for skills. The contestants demonstrated their strengths and unique skills, completing each piece of exquisite welding products, fully demonstrating their superb welding skills. 


Competition site


Competition site


Competition site


Finished product display


The holding of this competition has fully mobilized the enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity of employees, forming a strong atmosphere of "promoting learning through competition", further promoting the spirit of craftsmanship, and motivating employees to become successful.

AGT Group has always attached great importance to talent cultivation, insisting on improving the professional skills of employees and building a high-quality talent team as an important part of promoting the development of the enterprise. It emphasizes a complete range of professional categories, and emphasizes the combination of theory and practical experience. Through multi-level, multi form, and multi-channel training, it comprehensively cultivates talents of all levels and types, laying a solid foundation for the high-quality development and core competitiveness of the company.