On January 12th, the 2024 New Year Appreciation Evening Banquet of AGT Group, with the theme of "Gathering Moments and Transforming, Winning and Leading the Future," was successfully held at the Tianjiuwang Hotel. Mr. Chen Guohua Chairman of AGT Group, General Manager Mr. Chen Jingbo, together with other top managements, guests and friends gathered together upto more than 500 people to attend this evening party. They reviewed the brilliant achievements of 2023 and painted a beautiful chapter of 2024.



The banquet kicked off in the exciting and beautiful opening dance " Dragon Drum-- Rigorous Splendor". Accompanied by cheers, laughter, and warm applause, exciting programs took turns to appear, and employees from various departments showcased their unique talents. Whether it was graceful songs, elegant dances, humorous skits, or exciting martial arts, they were all overwhelming.

Among them, various prestigious awards were interspersed, adding countless surprises and expectations to the evening banquet. The chairman's saxophone solo "Today is Your Birthday" pushed the entire banquet to a climax. On stage, there is constant excitement, and off stage applause. All the member of group are celebrating a wonderful time together on this night, welcoming the arrival of the new year. All the warmth and emotion are here, along with the past year of 2023, standing at a new historical starting point.

The year 2023,  will be a year that connects the past and opens up the future for AGT Group. In this year, we have been deeply cultivating the market, with three major business sectors - pharmaceutical equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection, and new energy advancing together; We are firmly promoting the deep integration of innovation chain, industry chain, and capital chain, and have successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, achieving another leap in the development process of over 20 years. All these achievements are the result of the concerted efforts and joint efforts of all AGT members.

Spring comes with a surging tide, the east wind is strong. The glorious year of 2023 has left us with too much excitement and joy, and the passionate year of 2024 is about to play a magnificent melody. In the new year, members of AGT will surely embrace new opportunities and challenges with a more full spirit and upward attitude, work together, unite as one, constantly breaking through in the development of the industry, and move forward courageously!